Easter Mazes

Kids Easter Mazes

Now you can have all of the Printable Easter Activities and Easter Games that you need, at your fingertips.


Kids Easter Activities includes

Easter Mazes

Easter mazes to challenge kids. Help the Angels, the Reindeer and Santa find their way through the Easter Mazes.

  • Easter Maze - Take the Easter Bunny to the Easter basket.

  • Bunny Friends Maze - Help Betty Bunny find a way to Billy Bunny.

  • Hungry Bunny - The Easter Bunny needs to find a way to the carrot.

  • Easter Basket Maze - Take the Easter egg through the maze to the Easter Basket

Kids Easter Activities

brings you this special package combining


The Kids Easter Activities package gives you

Printable Easter Activities for Kids


Printable Easter Games for Kids.

Imagine having all of the fun Kids Easter Mazes and Easter Kids Games that you want - right at your fingertips.

  • Easter Word Puzzles

  • Easter Math Worksheets

  • Easter Writing Activities

  • Easter Writing Templates

  • Kids Easter Mazes

  • Easter Cards to make

  • Easter Bookmarks to print

  • Easter Coloring Pages

  • Easter Kids Games to print and play

Kids Easter Activities Package!

A complete set of professional, colorful resources that you simply print and and hand out to kids.

  • Over 55 pages of Printable Kids Easter Activities including Easter Word Puzzles, Easter Math Worksheets, Easter Writing Activities, Kids Easter Mazes, Easter Cards, Easter Bookmarks and Easter Coloring Pages.

  • 11 Colorful Kids Easter Games to print and play - including dominoes, bingo, board games, riddle match game and games sheets

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Kids Easter Mazes